Mississippi Nights

St. Louis, MO, USA

SBD > ? > CD > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 > FLAC

Set One

01 I Must Be High
02 Box Full Of Letters
03 Too Far Apart
04 Shouldn't Be Ashamed
05 Walk Where He Walked
06 No Sense In Lovin'
07 It's Just That Simple
08 New Madrid
09 Pick Up The Change
10 That's Not The Issue
11 Wait Up
12 Should've Been In Love
13 Passenger Side
14 Casino Queen
15 We've Been Had
16 The Long Cut

Set Two

01 Give Back The Key To My Heart
02 Pecan Pie
03 Don't You Honey Me
04 Reincarnation
05 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
06 Black Eye
07 Gun
08 Screen Door
09 Wherever
10 Let's Hear It For Rock and Roll
11 Listen To Her Heart

There are some distortion throughout, mainly on the acoustic guitar or cable/grounding issue and an occasional click but this is still a very good recording, plus that fits with their play style back in 1995. Overall a more than acceptable recording one every Wilco or Uncle Tupelo fan should have.
Unknown Taper/coversion many thanks to this person for keeping this recording alive. Special thanks to Owl and Bear Thanks for all your hard work.