The Blue Note
Columbia, MO

Source: SBD
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d1t01 Misunderstood
d1t02 Red-Eyed And Blue
d1t03 I Got You (at the end of the century)
d1t04 Someone Else's Song
d1t05 Forget The Flowers
d1t06 That's Not The Issue
d1t07 Someday Soon
d1t08 New Madrid
d1t09 Why Would You Wanna Live
d1t10 I Must Be High
d1t11 Passenger Side
d1t12 Hotel Arizona

d2t01 Monday
d2t02 Kingpin
d2t03 Outtasite (outta mind)
d2t04 Box Full Of Letters
d2t05 Casino Queen
d2t06 Casino Queen (con't)
d2t07 We've Been Had
d2t08 Say You Miss Me
d2t09 Gun
d2t10 The Long Cut
d2t11 Sunken Treasure
d2t12 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

This is the complete show - there is an incomplete copy circulating.