September 3, 1999
Phoenix Amphitheater
Pontiac, MI
Arts, Beats & Eats Festival

Rig was probably Sony cassette recorder > PC > Soundforge > CD. It's
possible it was a DAT or a mini-disc, but I can't remember.

Ripped the CD to WAV, then mastered/EQ/Widen/Limited in Protools.

AUD recording so shouldn't violate the DIME/Wilco restriction.

Nice set from the Summerteeth tour. RIP Jay Bennett.He is awesome on this.
I'd rate the quality a solid B. It's an easy listen with good separation.
Seems the Summerteeth shows are rare so hopefully this will be a good addition.

Arts, Beats & Eats has since moved to Royal Oak. The Phoenix Amphitheater
is an outdoor venue that sits on top of a parking garage in downtown Pontiac,
Lots of space to stretch out or get up close. I don't think they've had shows
there for years, but they had some good ones.

This was a Friday. Also posting the Steve Earle set from Sunday and DBT from a couple
years later.

001 California Stars.flac
002 Always In Love.flac
003 I Must Be High.flac
004 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again).flac
005 I Got You.flac
006 She's A Jar.flac
007 Shot In The Arm.flac
008 Misunderstood.flac
009 Can't Stand It.flac
010 Monday.flac
011 Outtasite (Outtamind).flac

Do what you want with it, just don't sell it.
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