Ed Wilkerson, James Baker, Steve Hunt

Ed Wilkerson: reeds
Jim Baker: ARP synthesizer and piano
Steve Hunt: drums

Milwaukee, WI
at the Sugar Maple

(each set was one long improvised piece)
Track 1: set one (52:45)
Track 2: set two (76:12)

Total time: 129 min

microphones: Church CA-14 omni
preamp: Church 9200
recorder: Edirol R-09HR at 24/48
software: Audacity (minimal compression and EQ; conversion to 16/44), xAct (conversion to FLAC; production of fingerprint and md5 files)

This is volume 7 of the SUGAR MAPLE ARCHIVE — a random selection of recordings I have made at this wonderful bar in Milwaukee (2010 to date) which has been a supportive home for free jazz in this fine city.

Recorded and mastered by me, “relefunt” and shared on Dimeadozen in March 2017.

I know there are other tapers who see shows at the Sugar Maple. I see you. Sometimes I discreetly talk about taping with you. Sometimes I don’t. Please be kind and upload your shows so that others may enjoy this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, incredibly satisfying music. The nature of improvised music is such that if it is not preserved by dissemination, it is lost forever.