June 10, 2002
Tobacco Road - New York, NY

Thanks to Boedi-Taper

Seeded by Raimax

From The German Mule-Junkies:
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)
Chico1610 (a.k.a. Hans Otto)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)

"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**

Source: Gefell m210 > OADE 248 P/S> modSBM1
Taped: Jim Baadshaug
Lineage: Trade CDR from boedi-taper > (wave) EAC (secure mode)>
(flac) Trader's Little Helper, level 6
(align on sector boundaries)

Disc 1: (6 tracks/48:33)
01. Digi Funk
02. X-Too
03. Pearl
04. Can´t Find my way home
05. X-1
06. Inside Outside

Disc 2: (8 tracks/79:46)
01. That ain´t happening no more (1)
02. Will it go round in circles (1)
03. Long distance call > i want ma love to last
>She´s a woman >Goin down (1)
04. Maggies´farm> mountain jam
Maggies farm> Shake your hips
Get back>It´s your thing (1)
05. Murder by love (1,2)
06. I´ll take you there (1,2,3) >Mule jam (1,2,4)
>What is hip (1,2,4)
07. Happy birthday to the soul bear
08. Whiter shade of pale

(1) w/Jimmie Vivino on guitar & vocals and Danny Louis
on the keyboard
(2) w/Seth feinberg on guitar
(3) w/Olga willhelmine on vocals
(4) w/Dj logic on turntables

X2 2002-06-10-d1-t01.flac:f726e63b344be9d87adf2977aa71aa33
X2 2002-06-10-d1-t02.flac:fa7d48c1dd0aedb7842f86967e1d8d62
X2 2002-06-10-d1-t03.flac:e90fce6b20de62e9f370032cbebcba30
X2 2002-06-10-d1-t04.flac:8f0eda883a90beb50fb48b994294c319
X2 2002-06-10-d1-t05.flac:4b79eb2d546ffbac38cdc415ed86a8e1
X2 2002-06-10-d1-t06.flac:461f55b2b0453149bfd827ad6ee1f49b
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t01.flac:2c281561a97513e25ce05709bf43f1fa
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t02.flac:2e843341484f52fe6060bedf6bbf1192
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t03.flac:b9697a9354148ac67aa8e9e8734b62ba
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t04.flac:572b52f2b9edaba6109b5f1ff0d75ffb
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t05.flac:2db4ad762b63335b9086205cf73c6084
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t06.flac:3c4062f837230efac6a53fb93cad5d96
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t07.flac:a825047a56f9aba60d81bb387de184f7
X2 2002-06-10-d2-t08.flac:80da1f974f73201dee548ff5a6369c46

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