Artist: XYZ
Date: 1981-xx-xx
Source: SBD
Lineage: 2nd or 3rd gen cassette>cdr>wav>flac

01. Mind Drive
02. Fortune Hunter
03. Can You See
04. Telephone Secrets

Demos recorded for an aborted project named XYZ. XYZ was short for ex Yes and Zeppelin and the demos feature Jimmy Page(guitar) of Led Zeppelin, Chris Squire(bass,vocals) and Alan White(drums) of Yes. This comes from a transfer of either a 2nd or 3rd gen cassette, I've forgotten which now and lost the documentation I received with this but it is definately one or the other. Unlike almost every copy I've ever heard of this recording, this one doesn't have the bootleg treatment(hiss reduced to death with the bottom missing from eq) applied to it so it may be a small upgrade depending on your listening tastes.

For further information watch this youtube video which features an interview with Chris Squire talking about the project that never came to be.