ADAM AIJALA & BEN KAUFMANN (of Yonder Mountain String Band)
September 22, 2007 (Saturday)
The Wildflower Pavilion @ Planet Bluegrass
Lyons, Colorado

Matrix Recording:
1st song SBD unusable; 100% AUD, 2nd song on was untouched/-3dB SBD/AUD.
SBD mono@ 24-bit/48 kHz (analog > HDP2) > Stereo > 16-bit/44.1 kHz, mixed as 4-track.
Drift correction throughout then dropped to 2 channel. All editing except tracking in SF9. Tracked in CDWave.
Matrix Mix by &

Audience source: AKG C391 (x2) > MR-1000 (1-bit/2.8Mbps-DSD)
Transfer: MR-1000 > Sony RB44G via USB
DSD Transfer: Audiogate (downsampled to 16-bit/44.1 kHz wav file)
Mastering: Sound Forge 8 (normalized, fades)
Final Bit Depth: 16-bit
Final Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
File Format: 16-bit flac
AUD recorded by & SBD recorded by
Transferred by
Tracked by Pastor Tim
Cover art by

Unplugged source (d3):
Neumann AK40 > LC3 > KM100 (DIN) > V3 (S/PDIF out) > Microtrack 2496 @ 24-bit/44.1 kHz
Transfer: Microtrack > PC (via USB 2.0) > CD Wave > flac24
Taped, transferred, and converted by Phil Rollins PhilRollins AT hotmail DOT com

For artist promotion only, not for sale, all rights reserved by the artists involved.
Thanks to Adam & Ben and Planet Bluegrass for allowing us to record.
Support artists that allow (and never burn) their CD's, concert tickets, etc.


DISC ONE [67.11]
Set 1:
01 intro 0.22
02 The Butlers of Glen Avenue > Sliabh Russell > Cathal McConnell's (AA: guitar, BK: mando) 5.22
03 Rain Still Falls (AA: guitar, BK: mando) 5.05
04 40 Miles From Denver (AA: guitar, BK: bass) 4.09
05 She Smiles Like You've Always Been A Friend (AA: guitar, BK: bouzouki) 3.33
06 Stuck In The Middle With You (AA: guitar, BK: bouzouki) 5.49
07 Just Us (AA: guitar, BK dobro) 5.30
08 Jail Song (AA & BK: guitar) 5.34
09 Someday's Reunion (AA & BK: guitar) 4.19
10 Cupid Shot Me Twice (AA & BK: archtops) 6.24
11 Pancho & Lefty (AA: guitar & harmonica, BK: bass) 6.04
12 Town (AA: guitar, BK: mando) 3.25
13 Downhill (AA: guitar, BK: mando) 4.35
14 New Deal Train (AA: guitar & harmonica, BK: bouzouki) 4.36
15 Uncle Lucius (AA: banjo, BK: guitar) 2.17

DISC TWO [62.30]
Set 2:
01 Left Me In A Hole (AA: guitar & harmonica, BK: bass) 6.38
02 How 'Bout You (AA & BK: guitar) 5.33
03 Good As I've Been To You (AA: guitar, BK: bass) 3.45
04 Night Out (AA: banjo, BK: guitar) 4.41
05 What's Goin' On In The Head Of That Woman (AA & BK: guitar) 3.48
06 Complicated (AA: guitar, BK: bouzouki) 5.48
07 Amanda Rose (AA: guitar & harmonica, BK: bouzouki) 6.50
08 I Love What I Do For A Living (AA: guitar, BK: bouzouki) 5.09
09 You're Leaving Me (AA: dobro, BK: guitar) 5.27
10 Ridin' In A (AA: banjo, BK: guitar) 5.06
11 Be Here Now (AA: bass, BK: guitar) 6.35
12 A Father's Arms (AA: guitar, BK: bass) 3.05

At this point the Planet Bluegrass folks told them they had to stop, but instead of stopping
they unplugged, came to the front of the stage, and played the rest of the set acoustic...

DISC THREE [31.16]
Set 2 cont'd, unplugged AUD recording:
01 unplugging 1.49
02 River (AA: guitar, BK: mando) 3.51
03 Must've Had Your Reasons (AA & BK: guitar) 2.35
04 I'd Like Off (AA & BK: guitar) 3.44
05 Catch A Criminal (AA & BK: guitar) 6.20
06 On My Mind (AA: banjo, BK: guitar) 4.57
07 The Road (AA: banjo, BK: guitar) 3.18
08 Ooh La La (AA: guitar, BK: guitar) 4.42

ADAM AIJALA: guitar, vocals, harmonica, banjo, dobro
BEN KAUFMANN: mando, vocals, bass, bouzouki, dobro, guitar

"Umm, erase the tapes, just back 15 seconds... we're good."
-- Ben