Yair Dalal Al Ol Ensemble 1999-02-20 Botanic Park Adelaide
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short snippet of one of the sets form the long weekend at Womadelaide
AM Broadcast > aiwa receiver > mac pro> 16bit wav >Soundtrack Pro (remove excess applause , levels and minor EQ >XACT >sbe >flac( LEVEL 8 ).
taped and transferred by godzgolfball
Yair Dalal. violin, lute
eyal faran guitar -sitar.  
eyal salal- clarinett flute.  
nurit ofer- percussion -vocal 
eylon nuphar - persussion - frame drums goblet drums , tabla. 

  Music that is uplifting, at once familiar and exotic ,  Dalal is an advocate for peace in Israel and in particular for abolishing ideological barriers between people. This he does through music. His ensemble Al Ol plays a mixture of arab and jewish , traditional and modern, oriental and western music on oud , sitar, guitar, violin and clarinet and various percussion instruments. Not that he's the first Israeli to pay arab jewish music from iraq, or to fuse disparate musical forms and bring together Arabs and jews, What is rare about Dalal is that he collaborates with Palestinian Arabs who are  not Israeli citizens . This sometimes leads to logistical problems - but crossing borders and checkpoints hasn’t diminished the groups dedication to what they do . And musical boundaries likewise are crossed with enthusiasm. A classically trained  violinist, who has worked with great musicians like Maestro Zubin Mehta and Jordi Savall, Dalal also plays the oud ands composes , as well, as having a talent for blues and jazz. The desert provides him with an endless sourced of inspiration and the desert wind, which gave the name to his group AL Ol. can indeed be heard in his music. 

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