yard trauma
tuscon [AZ] -usa-

unknown gen audience tape
MAXELL XL II C-90 cassette
from the R.S. collection

cassette played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned) dolby off-->edirol 04-->HD- level corrections in audacity--tracked in cdwave--flac(8) (hanwaker transfer 2013-11)
astonishing good quality for an audience capture


01 ? ( fades in only 30 seconds remain)
02 one sided suicide
03 black and white
04 just a dream
05 rich with nothing (split ends)
06 -talk-
07 sweet young thing (chocolate watchband)
08 i'm not like everybody else (kinks)
09 no escape(seeds)
10 try it (standells)
11 -talks-
12 some people
13 no conclusions
14 -encore noise-
15 the way it will be

note about the date
before track 3 it is announced t..."this is our first gig since july 15th" and during talk 11 "...played in august..." so this makes this gig happening in the last quarter of 83

--from the r s collection-- a hanwaker transfer and upload to dime 2013-11

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