The Yardbirds
The Knitting Factory
Hollywood CA
April 4, 2007

This was not a gig. It was akin to a religious experience.
NO Yardbirds fan will be dissappointed with this rascal.
9/10 with absolutely MINIMAL crowd noise. So swoop on it or
feel dumb later.

I gotta admit, I thought that with only 2 remaining original
members, coupled with the Alumni and pedigree of the band, I was gonna
get a diluted performance and guitar-god "wank-fest." Boy, was
I wrong...the John Idan handled the Relf-vox like he was channeling
Keef himself. Songs were played professionally but with tons of feeling
and healthy respect for the original material...IDEAL! All of the musicians
were top drawer and NO tarnish of the Yardbirds good name or musical legacy
occurred IMHO.

Even bands who have all their orig. members should sound this good when they
take their old material out on the road!!!

There is some occasional mysterious buzzing (bass amp or maybe r-09 enclosure?) occasionally but it
isn't obtrusive. Maybe one of you audio wizzards can clean it up?!

Sorry for the long delay between posts: I have a HUGE backlog of stuff to upload but real life got in the way.
Bear with me and you shall be rewarded!

Edirol R-09 (onboard mics) > SD card > HD > Nero > FLAC > Y'all

01 Intros
02 Train Kept A Rollin'
03 Drinking Muddy Water
04 Crying Out For Love
05 Heart Full Of Soul
06 My Blind Life
07 The Nazz Are Blue
08 You're A Better Man Than I
09 Lost Woman
10 Turn Into Earth
11 What Do You Want
12 Shapes
13 Mystery Of Being
14 Rack My Mind
15 Over, Under, Sideways, Down
16 Back Where I started
17 For Your Love
18 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
19 Dazed And Confused
20 Crowd/Encore
21 I'm A Man
22 Smokestack Lightnin'

Jim McCarty - Drums
Chris Dreja - Rhythm Guitar
John Idan - Lead Vox, Bass
Ben King - Lead Guitar
Billy Boy Miskimmin - Harp
Don Bish - Percussion