The Yardbirds
New York (USA)
Columbia Studios

Cumular Limit Sessions
Knowing That IÕm Losing You / Tangerine

Studio Recording> ??? > wav > FLAC

1. Knowing That IÕm Losing You

Artwork is included.

This is the legendary recording that later became the song Tangerine by Led Zeppelin.
It was recording during the Cumular Limit sessions. By some reason it was never released back in the 60s.
Some years ago this was released on the first print of either the Cumular Limit or Little Games Sessions album (I canÕt remember which).
It was then pulled of the shelves hours after it was released in the stores.
All remaining albums were then destroyed.

I am not sure about the next statement, IÕm only speculating.
However, some albums were sold. It was then ripped to a .wav file (not by me). As I said this is just speculations,
IÕm not sure how this became a .wav file, but IÕm quite sure it was ripped of the official CD that was withdrawn.

One final thing, if you have a Yardbirds bootleg please upload it here on TTD so that more people than you can enjoy it!