This is an audience recording of the Yardbirds on their final American tour before breaking up. By this time they were down to a four piece: Keith Relf, vocals and harp; Jimmy Page, guitar; Chris Dreja, bass; and Jim McCarty, drums. Jimmy was the relatively new guy in the band, having joined in mid 1966, whereas the others were original members from 1963.

This is not a good recording. It is rare and apparently has not been on Dime before. Please check the sample before downloading. No complaints please. It's from a 1988 cassette which I dubbed from an earlier copy. I probably ran it through an equalizer at that time, and picked the best channel for the last song, which has less differences between the left and right channels than the other songs. The cassette was played back on a 1991 Sony ES 3-head cassette deck, directly into my PC's mediocre onboard audio, which is more than sufficient for this recording. I touched up the sound a little using Adobe Audition.

If you can get past the bad sound quality, this is a good show. Jimmy is excellent as usual and Keith is in better voice than the Anderson Theater show.

Presented in FLAC 1.2.1. All files tagged using foobar2000. First uploaded to Dime by watchit, Feb. 2011.

The Yardbirds, Cleveland, OH, 4/25/1968

01. Train Kept a-Rollin'
02. You're a Better Man Than I
03. Heart Full of Soul
04. Dazed and Confused
05. White Summer
06. I'm a Man