The Yardbirds / Box of Frogs
Marquee Club, London, England
June 23, 1983

Source : Aud > Cassette > Audacity > WAV > TLH > Flac

Editing : Sound Forge (pitch & volume) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - February 6. 2021

pitched & posted by kingrue upload #2972

I've had these Yardbirds Flac's for about 10+ years and figured i should take a look at them again and get them re-posted.
After a quick comparison between the 2 Marquee shows, I immediately noticed that they played at very different speeds.

Now I had to figure out what's deal with these. Of course this can't be a simple re-post job.

I started looking for another copy for comparison and found a liberated vinyl for June 23 (mp3), which sounded pitch perfect to me.

But I quickly learned that the vinyl version is a different recording source. The vinyl and this cassette are from 2 different tapers.

The vinyl source has tape stops after each song (so it's not complete, but does sound very good)

You wouldn't believe how far off the pitch was on this cassette, it played crazy fast.

I spent 2 days going over and over the tracks, making sure that my pitch correction was accurate.

I also noticed an odd mistake. The text notes for both of these Marquee torrents were in the opposite folders.

June 23 text was in the June 22 folder and vise versa. I've switched them and updated the notes.

Both Marquee shows have the exact same set list. I've also corrected several typos in the song titles.

The right channel needed boosting +3 dB to balance channels. This one was a disaster that needed a lot of fixing.

It's finally done up properly and sounds so much better now. I'm proud of the improvements,

Band Line-up
Jim McCarty - drums
Paul Samwell-Smith - bass
Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar
John Knightsbridge - lead guitar
Mark Feltham - harmonica

Original Time = 67:02 // Pitch Corrected Time = 74:47

Set list
01. The Train Kept A' Rollin'
02. Smokestack Lightning
03. Statesboro Blues
04. As The Years Go Passing By
05. Shapes of Things
06. My Babe
07. Over Under Sideways Down
08. Back Where I Started
09. Bring It On Home To Me
10. Hoochie Coochie Man
-- tape flip --
11. I Wish You Would
12. Storm On Harp
13. For Your Love
14. I'm A Man
-- tape break --
15. Back In The USA