Back in 1989, I was working at a hotel in La Habra, CA, and I met Scott. Scott was almost
20 years my junior, but our musical tastes were similar. When I met his father Bill, I
learned that Scott's love of great music came from his Dad. The three of us got along well,
and we went to concerts together several times. Bill observed me recording shows with my
AIWA Stereo Walkman, and he soon became interested in taping as well. He borrowed my rig a
couple of times, and decided to buy some gear of his own. He settled on a Sony recorder, but
I don't recall the model. The Sony was a slightly better recorder than my AIWA, but you had
to hold the deck up because the mic had no cable-it snapped into a mount on the deck (similar
to the flash jack on an SLR camera). All of us tapers know that holding a deck up in the air
is a royal pain, so most times Bill would put the deck in his lap, and this did not always
allow the deck to perform at its best.

In 1993, I moved to Florida, and a couple of years later Bill relocated to the Seattle area.
We are still fast friends, and we keep in pretty close touch. Bill lives a pretty quiet life
these days.

A while back, Bill sent me a dozen of his masters. I am finally beginning to digitize them.
This is the first to be completed. Not all of his masters can be shared here due to the NAB
list (Hot Tuna, Peter Green, Keith Emerson), but I hope to get the rest up in due course.

My thanks to Bill for sharing his masters with us.

The Yardbirds
Long Beach Blues Fest
Athletic Field
Cal State University
Long Beach, CA
1998-09-06 (6 September 1998)

RECORDING GEAR: Sony Stereo Walkman Cassette Recorder w/External Mic (Model No. Unknown)
LINEAGE: Master Cassette TDK-D > Nakamichi CR-1A (Azimuth Adjusted) > HHB 830 Standalone CD
Recorder > EAC (Normalized) > CD Wave (Tracking) > TLH > FLAC (Level 8, SBE's aligned)

I've been sitting on this for a while, because my recollection was that the sound wasn't very
good. As I've been listening during the tracking session, it's better than I remember. I tend
to be very conservative in my sound ratings: I'd call this a B-, your mileage may vary. I made
a couple of attempts to splice the tape flip in Still I'm Sad, but the missing portion made it
such a rough transition that I decided to leave it in 2 parts as recorded on the master.


0101. I'm A Man
0102. Got Love If You Want It
0103. Heart Full Of Soul
0104. I'm Not Talkin'
0105. An Original Man
0106. Train Kept A-Rollin'
0107. Sitting On Top Of The World
0108. Little Games
0109. Out Of The Dark
0110. Shapes Of Things
0111. Rack My Mind
0112. Band Intros
0113. Evil Hearted You
0114. Still I'm Sad (Part 1)
0115. Still I'm Sad (Part 2)
0116. Dazed And Confused
0117. Crowd
0118. For Your Love


Jim McCarty - Drums, Vocals
Chris Dreja - Guitar, Vocals
Gypie Mayo - Guitar
John Idan - Bass
Alan Glen - Harmonica

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