The Yardbirds at the House Of Blues, Cambridge, MA, June 01, 2003, FM and audience recordings.

The FM tracks were recorded from the broadcast from Denon DRA25 receiver directly to cdr with Pioneer PDR 509 cd recorder. The audience recording was recorded with Sony TCS-580V cassette recorder with built-in stereo mics, onto Memorex CD2 90 (Type II). First, I took the old cdrs and loaded them into the Magix Music On CD And DVD program. Then, I added the audience tracks into the same project, from Onkyo TA-RW313 into Audigy Soundblaster SE, and onto the Magix project. I then placed the audience pieces where they belonged, boosted the levels a little, and made new track markings and cdrs with the Magix program. Those cdrs were converted to wav with Roxio Easy Media 8, and flac with Flac Frontend.

The sound quality on the FM broadcast gets an A, the audience recording gets a B. I recorded the show, and was very pleased with the results, but it was broadcast (mostly) a week later on the Living Room Concert Series on WZLX, a Boston classic rock radio station. Obviously, that source sounds a lot better than my audience recording. The original cdrs I made from the broadcast had incorrect track markings, so I made new ones for this torrent. The audience portions are the first 33 seconds of track 08, where the station went to commercials and left out a bit of the intro to the song, and tracks 13 and 14 which were left off of the broadcast completely. Track 14 suffers a bit at times from the recorder being positioned in a pocket-book for about 2 minutes - still a fine listen. If you are burning to cdr, disc two should start at track 15.

Additionally, local blues legend Johnny A guested on lead guitar on tracks 05 and 10. He was plagued by technical problems during Train, but was a major part of Shapes Of Things. This was one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen in my life. At the very end of Happenings, you can hear me yell "you're still better!" I made it onto the radio on this one! No disrespect to Steve Miller...

I have uploaded this in the past, but this is a smoother version, as far as integrating the audience tracks goes.

Enjoy responsibly - don't sell, and give credit to crematia13 when trading in the future. Happy New Year!

01 - I'm Not Talking
02 - Over Under Sideways Down
03 - Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout The News
04 - Crying Out For Love
05 - Train Kept A Rollin'
06 - Heart Full Of Soul
07 - I Ain't Got You
08 - Dream Within A Dream
09 - Mister You're A Better Man Than I
10 - Shapes Of Things
11 - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
12 - Rack My Mind
13 - My Silent Life
14 - The Mystery Of Being
15 - For Your Love
16 - Still I'm Sad - Dazed And Confused
17 - I'm A Man
18 - Smokestack Lightning