Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow
Saturday 16th September 2006

Ben King Ė Lead Guitar
Billy-Boy - Harp & Vocals
Chris Dreja Ė Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals
Jim McCarty - Drums & Vocals
John Idran - Bass & Vocals

01. Tuning Up
02. Train Kept A-Rollin'
03. Please Donít Tell Me Ďbout The News
04. Drinking Muddy Water
05. Crying Out For Love
06. Heart Full Of Soul
08. The Naz Are Blue
09. Mr. Youíre a Better Man Than I
11. Shape Of Things
12. Wrack My Mind
13. Mystery Of Being
14. Over Under Sideways Down
15. What Do You Want
17. For Your Love
18. Still Iím Sad
19. Dazed And Confused
20. Iím A Man (start of track missed, sorry!)
21. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
2nd Encore
22. A Certain Girl

A fine gig played in front of a fairly small crowd. The band seemed to be on good form and enjoyed themselves never the less. Help required on missing titles, please. A couple of minor glitches detailed as follow:

Track 03 Jump at 03:45 probably due to moving the minidisk.
Track 13 Jump at the start.
Track 20 missing the start of this one due to nature calling.

Hope you all enjoy this recording and remember to support the band by going to see them if you can. http://www.theyardbirds.com/tour.html

Recording by BlackBoB, slightly left of centre (facing the band) at about 3 metres.
Core Binaural mics=>Sharp MD=>CDwave=>FLAC