The Yardbirds
Saturday April 7th, 2007
Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA

H4 Zoom Internal Cardoid Mics @ 16/44 > A-Data SD

USB to HDD > Adobe Audition 1.5 (track wavs) > Traders Little Helper Flac lvl 8 & SBE Fix

Main floor, *dead center*, behind dance section, hand-held (stealth), @ about 4ft high.

A **GEMS** Production March, 2007


One Set

Disc 1
d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - Train Kept' A Rollin *
d1t03 - Drinkin' Muddy Water *
d1t04 - Cryin' Out For love
d1t05 - Heart Full Of Soul
d1t06 - Track 06 * (Can't See the Light?)
d1t07 - Track 07
d1t08 - The Nazz Are Blue
d1t09 - Mister You're A Better Man Than I
d1t10 - Lost Woman *
d1t11 - Track 11
d1t12 - What Do You Want
d1t13 - Shapes Of Things
d1t14 - Track 14

Disc 2
d2t01 - Rack My Mind *
d2t02 - Over Under Sideways Down
d2t03 - Track 03 & Band Introductions
d2t04 - For Your love
d2t05 - Happening Ten Years Time Ago
d2t06 - Dazed and Confused

d2t07 - E: I'm A Man *
d2t08 - E: Smokestack Lighting *

Ben King - Lead Guitar
Don Bish - Percussion
Jim McCarty - Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Dreja - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Idan - Bass, Vocals
Dave Seaberry - Harp*

* w/ Dave Seaberry (may have misspelled his last name, Harp player from The Raveups, Yardbirds cover band)

- Any help with the setlist would be greatly appreciated, this was my first time seeing these guys perform, so I am not familiar with their music. (Thanks to rovalle for 90% of the track titles)
- The bands Harp player had come down with pneumonia earlier in the day, amazingly the Harp player from a local Yardbirds tribute band was in attendance, and man oh man, did he ever make it happen!!
- The Sorentinos opened, if there is any interest I can upload their set as well.
- This is a stealth recording.