Tracks 1-29 are unreleased BBC performances recorded off the air in England over 40 years ago. None are available on the officially released BBC albums such as "On Air." Note that the official releases are made from surviving BBC sources such as transcription discs (records) which are sometimes edited sources. In exhaustively comparing my sources to the official release, I noticed that my versions were sometimes longer. I have presented these previously unreleased portions as excerpts. Exact recording dates where known are listed in the comments attached to each FLAC file. For others, I made guesses. All except track 5 are 1965 or 1966.

I considered the officially released version of a song to be version #1. The unreleased, different versions here are titled #2 or #3.

There is no apparent rhyme or reason to the order of the songs. I kept them in their original order, only editing out officially released versions and duplicate songs. Jeff Beck is the lead guitarist on all tracks except #5 which features Jimmy Page. Eric Clapton isn't on any.

Tracks 30 and 31 are from the Yardbirds performance in San Remo, Italy, Jan. 1966. They performed two songs written specifically for the music festival there. These recordings are complete, with introductions missing from previous sources.

Track 32 was recorded June 20, 1965, when the Yardbirds were in Paris with the Beatles. I recorded it years ago from a Beatles LP.

All tracks transferred from vintage 1980s TDK-D90 cassettes using a Sony ES 3 head cassette deck and M-Audio Audiophile sound card. I could have used something a lot worse, because these recordings have very little high frequencies, only hiss. I filtered the highs above 8kHz and put all in true mono, picking the left or right channel, whichever was better. Presented in FLAC 1.2.1.

Note that there are no gaps between songs. If burning to CD, I suggest adding gaps. Everything will fit on an 80 minute CDR with 2 second gaps.

01. Train Kept a-Rollin' #2
02. Mister You're a Better Man Than I #2 (live)
03. The Sun is Shining (excerpt)
04. Jeff's Boogie #1
05. My Baby #2
06. Smokestack Lightning (excerpt)
07. I'm Not Talking #1 (excerpt)
08. Five On Board
09. Hushabye
10. I'm a Man #2
11. Steeled Blues
12. Spoonful
13. I'm Not Talking #2
14. Louise
15. I've Been Trying
16. Dust My Blues (excerpt)
17. Shapes of Things #3 (live)
18. I've Been Wrong (excerpt)
19. Heart Full of Soul #2
20. Jeff's Boogie #2
21. I'm a Man #3 (live)
22. I Wish You Would #2
23. Love Me Like I Love You #2
24. The Stumble
25. Evil Hearted You #2 (live)
26. Mister You're a Better Man Than I #3
27. Rack My Mind (live)
28. Heart Full of Soul #3 (live)
29. Evil Hearted You #3
30. Questa Volta (San Remo)
31. Pafff... Bum (San Remo)
32. I Wish You Would (Paris)