BBC unreleased

various cassettes> eurorack MX 802A professional equalizer>
philips standalone burner CDR560> cdr audio>EAC>wav>flac

remastered and transferred by yours truly pgl

1. hesitation blues (?)
2. hushabye
3. i'm a man
4. steeled blues
5. spoonful
6. i'm not talking
7. i ain't done wrong
8. louise
9. keep on trying (?)
10.heart full of soul
11.jeff's boogie
12.i'm a man (vers.2)
13.love me like i love you
14.the stumble
15.train kept-a-rollin
16.mr. you're a better man than i
17.jeff's boogie (vers.2)
18.drinking muddy waters*
19.i wish you would
20.white summer*
21.i'm confused*
22.think about it*
*with jimmy page