Olde Hickory Tap Room
Hickory, NC USA
July 1, 2010

A Doodee Music Master Recording

"If it's a DOODEE, you know it's the SHITŪ"
- Stripeydave 2008

This post is all about freely sharing some great music, spreading the word about these bands, increasing sales of their goods and attendance at their shows and having a little fun.

Yarn is a mighty fine little band that has a sound rooted in the country blues and the south - not what you'd normally expect from a group that calls New York City home. I hear everything from Gram Parsons to Wilco to Outlaw Country to Exile On Main Street. Hate to classify things but it looks like Americana is the best place for this post. Any way you cut it, this band cranks out some mighty nice music.

Yarn gave us a buncha music - both sets combined clock in at 3 hours. I do believe "Sweet Hickory" was pretty much written on the spot so it's a world premiere for that one. This one ended up with pretty nice sound and a nice Blake left - Rod right seperation. This was a feat for a recording made in a room whose priorities are lotsa drinkin' first and live music second. Y'all enjoy.

Set One
01. Empty Pockets
02. Tennessee
03. Strikes And Gutters
04. Nuthin' But Time To Give
05. Alone On The Weekend
06. New York City Found
07. Lie's I've Told
08. Abilene
09. No Future Together
10. Down On Your Luck
11. Bad Bad Man
12. Singing Jim Croce Talking Blues
13. Don't Break My Heart Again >
14. Drums >
15. Nightrain (GnR) >
16. Don't Break My Heart Again

Set Two
01. Time Burns On
02. Roadhouse
03. It's All Over Now
04. Something 'Bout You
05. Annie
06. Take Me Out Misery
07. 5 Guitars
08. Music's Only Outlaw >
09. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) >
10. Music's Only Outlaw
11. Sweet Hickory
12. Can't Slow Down

Blake Christiana - V/G
Rod Hohl - G/V
Rick Bugel - B
Robert Bonhomme - D

Never For Sale - Free Trade Only

Thanks to Yarn for allowing me to record and share this for free with y'all. In exchange I expect y'all to support the band by attending their shows and buying their recordings and merchandise.