NN Rockbuehne Bandcontest Final
Hirsch, Nuernberg, Germany
November - 19 - 2016

from SEETHEFUZZ7 collection # 304

Rec. Info:
AIWA CM30 -> Olympus LS11 (@ WAV 16/44) -> SDcard -> HD -> WeTransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost/balance only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by the FUZZMAN very close to the stage edge left side. Very clean and fine recording, a few chatters here and there, but nothing too distracting. Sorry, no pics, no setlist.

A bunch of recordings from that "finale" of the frankonian "bandcontest" at the grand size Hirsch in Nuernberg. Starting with a band from Nuernberg, four young guys who seemed to
changed their music (in contrast to the soundcloud samples from 2015) very much into the stoner rock galaxy. I would've been not too amazed about that, but the twin lead guitar work
reminds me a lot of one of my alltime favourite bands, Wishbone Ash. And, yes, a bit of Maiden stuff is also in there, but more decent for a few songs. Triple guitar meltdown on the
last song. Fine band, good ideas, hope there's more coming up. SB.

FULL SHOW (45:30 min.)

01. Intro -> ... (5:40)
02. Devil (3:33)
03. Darkness (3:38)
04. ... (6:08)
05. ... (5:38)
06. ... (6:10)
07. ... (8:59)
08. ... (5:40) *

* with Max from KING FATHER BABOON

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Manu - guitar, vocals
Chris - guitar, vocals
Robin - drums
Tobi - bass

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