The Yellowjackets
My Father's Place
Roslyn, NY USA
October or December 1981

Russell Ferrante-Kbd
Robben Ford-Guitar
Jimmy Haslip-Bass
Ricky Lawson-Drums

FM?>?>Cdr from trade>EACFLAC
Sound: A-?

T1 Monmouth Collage Fight Song
T2 Matinee Idol
T3 The Hornet
T4 Imperial Strut
T5 Pass It On
T6 Sittin' In It
T7 Priscilla

I just picked this up from my friend. It's listed on etree but there's not a large group of "owners". I know that Wolf & Rissmillers Country Club & The Huntington Beach Shows have been shared here. But what about the Northridge & Old Waldorf SF Shows of this line up?

Request: If anybody can upload the DVDs of The early Yellowjackets w/ RF from either Los Angeles 79' (Outdoor/Black & White) or the Montreux JF 81'- that would be great. My friend has these but cannot copy them for me. There are clips on youtube, as well.