International Essen Pop and Blues Festival
Essen, Grugahalle, Germany
October 10, 1969

Liberated bootleg includes filler
Title album: In The Beginning
Label: 1997 HIGHLAND (HL055#Y12)

There has been some recent interest in early YES so I offer up this liberated bootleg, "In the Beginning." This one is a reseed of Pablodrums' previous share-no changes except to add checksums(missing previously) using TLH and this updated infofile.

Date and setlist:

1969-10-09 - Essen, Grugahalle, Germany:
�������1.01 Introduction (2.12)
�������1.02 No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (3.25)
�������1.03 Dear Father (6.07)
�������1.04 Every Little Thing (6.16)
�������1.05 Something's Coming (8.47)

1969-08-20 - Hamburg, Star Club, Germany:
�������1.06 Eleanor Rigby (4.47)

1969-12-21 - Sheffield, Kingston Hotel, England, UK:
�������1.07 Dear Father (5.47)
�������1.08 Eleanor Rigby (3.26)
�������1.09 I See You (21.19)

Jon Anderson - lead vocals, percussion
Peter Banks- guitars
Bill Bruford - drums
Tony Kaye - keyboards
Chris Squire - bass, vocals

Taper(s): unknown
Lineage: CDR Trade > EAC (wav) > FLAC Frontend encode level 8 > You.

Notes on Sound Quality: SQ is Good (G) throughout; Audience Recording (AR)
Artwork included

All tracks are from the original filesets as previously torrented, or as received from New checksums created with TLH.

Please share only LOSSLESS recordings-convert to lossy for personal use only.

All tracks adhere to DIME's NAV and NAB requirements and have been verified as non-official releases through Forgotten Yesterdays:


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Thanks to Pablodrums, the tapers, uploaders and all who made possible the sharing of this great music throughout the world, all these decades later. And, of course, thank you to Yes.


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