The Word Is Share
Live recordings 1969 - 2008
6 Disc set

This compilation is intended to be a companion to the officially released boxed set "The Word Is Live".
The boxed set was a real treat for fans who have craved more live Yes, yet it did not go unnoticed
that there were some glaring omissions from that collection. That collection also only covered Yes'
live work through 1988, and that said, there are still holes in the years leading up to 1988 on The
Word Is Live. So with this set the aim is to fill in some of those holes and have another collection that
satisfies the needs of fans of all eras of the band's work.

You may also notice that some songs featured here are also featured on The Word Is Live from other
performances. The only reason I let this go is that sometimes you just can't pass on another great
version of "America" or "Awaken". Other than the few repeats, I tried to include songs that never
featured on any live albums or versions that have very different arrangements. A few other things that
were put into consideration: Performance was the top criteria. Most of the tracks are from shows that
have the "Yes" energy on 11. You know what I am talking about. When they just play over the edge
and sound like you imagine them sounding in a dream or something. This explains why the quality is
not always the best although I factored recording quality highly as well.

I hope you enjoy my efforts here. I would like to dedicate this to all the selfless fans and traders
who have logged many hours recording, restoring, editing, and sharing to enrich our lives and preserve
the better aspects of human ability for all future generations. Please feel free to share this wherever
you like without asking permission.

If anyone would like to make artwork as well, feel free and have fun.

Disc One 1969 - 1974:
(Hamburg, Germany August 20, 1969)
1. Eleanor Rigby
(The Mike Harding Show, BBC October 20, 1970)
2. America
(Cobo Hall, Detroit February 28, 1974)
3. The Revealing Science of God
(Madison Square Garden, New York February 18, 1974)
4. The Remembering
(Boston Garden December 11, 1974)
5. To Be Over

Disc Two 1973 - 1978:
(Sheffield City Hall 11-27-1973)
1. The Ancient
(PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC. 5-5-1979)
2. The Big Medley
(Copenhagen 11-13-1977)
3. Colours of The Rainbow -
Turn of The Century
4. Awaken

Disc Three 1978 - 1984:
(Inclewood Forum 10-6-1978)
1. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
(Boston Garden 6-19-1979)
2. Ariving UFO
(Wembley Arena 10-28-1978)
3. Starship Trooper
(Boston Garden 9-8-1980)
4. Does It Really Happen?
5. Into The Lens
(Madison Square Garden 9-6-1980)
6. Machine Messiah
(Hershey, Pa. 1984)
7. Hearts
(Dortmund, Germany 6-24-1984)
8. It Can Happen

Disc Four 1991 - 1994:
(Nagoya, Japan 3-3-1992)
1. Yours Is No Disgrace
(Jones Beach, NY. 7-21-1991)
2. Saving My Heart
(Wembley Arena 6-29-1991)
3. And You And I
(Stuttgart, Germany 5-31-1991)
4. Shock To The System
(St. Louis 6-29-1994)
5. Intro 1994 -
Perpetual Change -
The Calling
6. Real Love
7. Where Will You Be?

Disc Five 1994 - 2008:
(St. Louis 6-29-1994)
1. Endless Dream
(Buenos Aires 9-12-1999)
2. New Languages
3. Nine Voices
(Albuquerque, NM. 9-13-2004)
4. Sweet Dreams
(The Woodlands, Tx. August 15, 2002)
5. In The Presence Of
(Albuquerque, NM. 9-13-2004)
6. South Side Of The Sky
7. Every Little Thing
(Biloxi, Ms. December, 12, 2008)
8. Astral Traveler