Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: electric and acoustic guitars
Chris Squire: bass
Tony Kaye: keyboards
Bill Bruford: drums

Berlin, West Germany
1971-03-27 (March 27, 1971)
original runtime: 41:49 (minutes/ seconds)
adjusted runtime: 39:53

incomplete audience recording

analog 2nd gen cassette > DAT > CDR > EAC > WAV > TLH > FLAC > DIME
wav (pitch adjust) > flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.

originally from the collection of; Per-Erik "my swedish connection"

uploaded by; "Lucifer Burns"

remastering by "glasnostrd19"


1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: a space odyssey intro) (1:31) 1:27
2. yours is no disgrace (11:46) 10:53
3. I've seen all good people (7:20) 7:26
4. clap > classical gas (6:43) 6:28
5. perpetual change (10:38) > 9:57 (cuts at 1:58)
6. drum solo (3:52) 3:42

This is YES on tour in support of their 3rd release "The YES Album".
According to the YES website "Forgotten Yesterdays", this show is missing the last 2 songs;
EVERYDAYS & AMERICA (unfortunately, since those were the 2 best songs in this show)
there is a cut in the recording 1:58 into perpetual change (tape flip or accidental recorder shutoff?)
all the other songs are complete, including the drum solo
it is a good performance and pretty good audience recording for this era.
it is stereo, and all the instruments come through clearly.


remaster notes:
this was originally shared by luciferburns
and reseeded by TTDaddy (before remastering) on sept 7, 2015 at:
the recording sounded a little slow and was slightly over recorded in the digitizing process.
apparently this problem hasn't been addressed and circulated yet, so I gave it my best shot to fix that.
the volume levels were reduced by 1.5 DB and pitch was adjusted by +80 cents using pitch adjust in soundforge.
based mainly on Jon's singing, which was as pitch perfect as any male vocalist in the history of rock at this time.
the speed adjust also makes the recording sound a little clearer and crisper.
some retracking was done after pitch and volume adjustments were made,
and some of the loudest claps were reduced between songs to smooth it out a little.
although there's almost 2 minutes less of yessy fun in here now than the original post
what's in here is alot more fun because it sounds alot more like 1971 Yes now.
nothing was cut out from the previous posting here, and art is included, although the
back cover track times don't match up any more, still has the same titles/number of tracks.
it is a pretty good sounding recording for this era, and there is not alot of crowd noise,
just enough to know it is a fan made audience recording.
do not sell this recording.
you got it for free,
keep it that way.
share freely, losslessly and as gaplessly as possible
(there is a short gap in track 5 of this one, unfortunately)

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