Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: electric and acoustic guitars
Chris Squire: bass
Tony Kaye: keyboards
Bill Bruford: drums

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, N.Y. USA
July 15, 1971
promoting their 3rd album, "the Yes Album"
audience recording
runtime: 55:23 (minutes/ seconds)

1: yours is no disgrace 12:50 (cuts at 3:51)
2. I've seen all good people 8:40
3. clap > classical gas > mood for a day 6:42
4. perpetual change > drum solo 16:23
5: it's love 10:48

audience recording > ? >
TDK- SA 90 min trade cassette tape >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that, don't say no production.
Do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
this was recorded by a fan for fans enjoyment, not sale!

some of the loudest claps and noises between songs
(and some persistent cheers to hear "Starship Trooper")
were reduced to a more reasonable volume.
none of the music was reduced, nothing was EQ'ed.
this appears to be the full yes performance except a
few seconds got cut nearly 4 min. into YIND.
some applause was spliced in following a couple of
abruptly ending applauses in the original recording.
it has the usual warts for a recording this age
but is a pretty listenable recording for this time
and all the instruments and vocals come through clearly.
thanks to the unknown taper.
this tape source is probably a couple of analog tape
generations, but not many, from the original recording.