Yes - Mega-rare restored LP "The White Yes Album" Amsterdam 1972-01-21 speed corrected and rejoined - an incredible experience

It is my contention that even if you own this LP... you've never really heard it before.

This Dutch album on Offshore Records is the definitive recording of this show. Forget the CD reissue - I have it, it stinks. Upon listening to this record, I found it to be running noticeably slow. It was pitched by ear on the turntable, resulting in an improvement in the sound quality.

This is one of the best Yes performances around, don't miss it!


Your Move
I've Seen All Good People
Heart Of The Sunrise
Rick Wakeman Solo
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Yours Is No Disgrace

Lineage: Original LP ->Speed Correction ->Sound Forge->Click and Crackle Removal-> Flac via Flac Frontend, level 6, sectors aligned and verified


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