Here's my remaster of a good sounding tape with Bruford (tape hiss is noticeable but not too distracting), originally uploaded by Relayerman (before my time on DIME); I downloaded the files from Remy Menting's excellent Site:

All Thanks to the OT, Relayerman & Remy

Did a slight pitch correction of +2.0%, and some slight eq'ing to reduce 'muddiness'. check Yessamples. (PLUS+)

Yes - Academy Of Music, New York City, NY, February 23, 1972 (inc. aud. tape)

01) Firebird Suite >
02) Roundabout
03) I've Seen All Good People
04) Clap
05) Heart Of The Sunrise (incomplete)
06) Heart Of The Sunrise (two-source merge) (+)


Relayerman originally wrote with his upload:
"This recording is a bit strange in that the drums, cymbals, and keyboards are clear as a bell whereas the vocals are a bit muffled. Its as if the recorder were on stage or behind the stage possibly."

I think some of the "muffled" sound issues mentioned by Relayerman are (hopefully) resolved in this 'remastered' version.


Listen at 5:06 of Roundabout for a very quick quote of "Yankee Doodle" by Wakeman.
Listen also for Bruford's subtle accents throughout some songs like All Good People. (Utterly unique to Bill--this approach not to be attempted/repeated by Alan.)
And also at 3:24 of Heart Of The Sunrise, where at the beginning of the main quiet section, somebody in the audience(?) can be heard yelping in a high-pitched way like a dog, perhaps mocking the angelic tones of Mr. Jon Anderson(? ;-)


+ PLUS *Bonus track* (purists avoid--don't download track 6 if this violates your personal philosphy!):

Since Heart Of The Sunrise fades out half way through on this Academy Of Music tape, I decided to try to make a two-source merge with a different source, choosing the *famous* bootleg LP "The White Yes Album", recorded at The Concergebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1972-01-21, to use for the second half of HoTS. (It is a very well-known good sounding recording, and since HoTS is also incomplete on the bootleg record--though luckily in a different earlier section!--it became an ideal source for a merge.) The join is certainly 'noticeable' due to the pronounced differences between the two sources: the somewhat (hissy) analog tape and the bootleg vinyl source, but hopefully not too 'jarring'.


uploaded by syncopatico on this show's 43rd anniversary.