Yes Live At The San Bernardino Swing Auditorium 1972-03-17 master reel-to-reel AUD tape (first time in circulation) Opener for Black Sabbath with mp3 sample

The Black Sabbath portion of this evening is still an active torrent with many seeders:

The Wild Turkey portion of this evening is also active, with several seeders:

Here then finally is the final portion of this incredible evening. The hype about this show on is true...

This show is to die for.

I want to personally thank the following Dime members for help in reconstructing this tape:

Five for supplying samples of another show for comparison
The Toole Man for additional help

As indicated in previous torrents, the Yes portion lay in two unrelated pieces. Although the music itself seemed to overlap, something was wrong with the performance in both. At first I wasn't even sure they were the same show. The problem ended up being that there was a master and a copy. The master was pitched 29 cents too slow, and the copy was pitched about twice that too fast. One of the properties of speeding up music is that the recording will sound better, up to a point. All the frequencies move up; the recording sounds crisper. So, the copy initially sounded better than the original.

Once the speed was corrected on the original, it sounded almost as good as the copy. But, once the copy was corrected, the original was much better. I hope that makes sense, we are talking cents of change here, not semitones (100 cents = 1 semitone). SoundForge 6.0 was used for all processes.

The 48 minutes here are I have of this show. The rumors are that they played for 90 minutes, but there don't appear to be any missing portions. An anti-alias filter was applied during speed correction (Google "Nyquist Frequency" if you are curious as to why). Multiple EQ passes were also used to bring out the finer details of the music. No noise reduction was used. Over 8 hours of work went into this torrent over the course of about five weeks, I hope you enjoy it.

Yes played the "Fragile" portions of this show very close to the vest. It's much more of an extended album feast than present day shows are. The performance is *wonderful*, with some drug-related taper talk thrown into the mix.


Firebird Suite
Heart Of The Sunrise
The Clap
Perpetual Change
I've Seen All Good People/Your Move Medley

Lineage: read text above. Flac Frontend, level 6, sectors aligned and verified.


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