Kelvin Hall
Glasgow, Scotland
REMASTERED by TheTooleMan, 2002

Lineage: unknown Audience source -> multi-generation tape -> Guessing Problems Only (2 CD Set/Highland HL414/415) -> CD copies -> Sound Forge -> TheTooleMan -> SHN (2002)

This has been in my binder since I fixed it up five years ago. Relayerman encouraged me to seed it, so I did. It's one hell of a performance, too. Yes is ON FIRE on this night in Glasgow. They burn through Siberian Khatru. The audience roars.

Close to the Edge is performed live for only the second time on this night. Jon gives the introduction, as transcribed by Jon Babcock and published on Forgotten Yesterdays at

"Actually..uh Yeah, we're gonna, actually we're gonna play for a long time hope you, be around. We'd like to try something we haven't played before. Well, we played it, a couple of days ago. It's a new, a new song for us and..uh hope you'll sing along 'cause we need a bit of help. It's..uh a song from..uh the new album. It's..uh it'a very, yeah. Okay I'm just waiting for him to get in tune. And it starts off. If you listen very, very closely, it starts off..uh with the sound of a river and..uh it relates, it relates to a lot of things about Herman Hesse and things like the fact that we all come from the sea. The sea is alive. And we should look after it when we're not doing what we're gonna do. I hope. And..uh the song is called 'Close To The Edge'. I forget the words I'm lost."

Jon also compliments the audience:

"I've got, I've got to say something, but..uh we've been, we've been, we've been playing..uh very busy lately over the last three months and you're the first people to ever clap in time."

The tape is another matter, and it seems to fit my theory that the quality of a recording is inversely proportional to the quality of the performance it captures. In this case, the Highland recording has a mountain of low-frequency hum, centered around 86 hz. I removed most of the hum, and the result is a lot more listenable, but the recording does not come anywhere close to what you'd call "high fidelity." Oh well. Your imagination can fill in the missing parts. That's what imaginations are for.

January 2008

Yes is/are:
Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Setlist :
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I've Seen All Good People
Mood For A Day
And You And I
Heart Of The Sunrise
Close To The Edge (through the beginning of "I Get Up I Get Down" only)
Wakeman Solo
Yours Is No Disgrace