you're all hart
Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitar
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass
Bill Bruford- drums
Dillon Stadium
Hartford, Ct. U.S.A.
September 25, 1972
originally was supposed to be on August 14
and is incorrectly listed as such in etree.)
performance quality: A- nice show
recording quality: B quite good for this era
source: 1st gen. audience tape
runtime: 94:20
disc 1 43:29
1: Siberian khatru 10:39
2: all good people 7:17
3: close to the edge 18:39 (spliced, tape flip)
4: mood for a day 3:19
5: the clap 3:32

disc 2 50:51
6: heart of the sunrise 11:34
7: and you and I 10:35
8: keyboard solo (excerpts from 6 wives) 6:45
9: roundabout 8:12
10: yours is no disgrace 13:43
I was told by basscase2, who was the taper of this recording,
that this show was postponed because it rained heavily on the
August date, and Dillon Stadium is a football arena without a
roof of any kind. (just another reason I don't like big outdoor
shows). Fortunately this show did get made up, much to the delight
of Yesheads in Connecticut (they do have a few).
this was one of my 1st digital transfers, first done from the
master tapes. Like most of my earliest transfers it wound up on
a glitchy CD, and that wound up in the trash because I can't find it.
So I had to do a new transfer from the 1st gen. tape I have of it
which I got before I had a computer. I was not happy about that,
having to add a gen. but I don't think the difference is very noticable,
since it is a 1st gen. tape copied Nak. to Nak. onto a Maxell XLII (no dolby
on the master or the copy.) that hasn't been played much so it sounds good.
I've been trying to get BC to post it, he's still trying to figure
out uploading. (it took me awhile). someone else told me this was to be the
first live performance of CTTE, had this show happened when planned, but the
postponement of the show made that not the case. This was a nice concert,
about as long as 72 Yes shows get with several of my favorite songs. there
is some between song editing, and a tape flip cut in CTTE, but just missing
a few seconds. I spliced it, you'll notice it (during the keyboard part
in the middle) but it's not too abrupt. Otherwise it seems to be complete
except the 1st second or 2 of a couple of songs. I only edited out some
recorder shutoff and turn-on noises. this is all that was recorded and
the sound is pretty listenable for this era, especially for a stadium gig.
Not that much crowd noise at all in here.
this one is for the Toole Man and Relayerman and probably alot of folks
since there are many who like Yes music, and just as many who like Bruford
in any capacity. (like me). this is one of the better 72 auds I've heard.
So enjoy it.
Share it.
Do not sell this recording.
(or you will be reincarnated as a WURM)
Do not encode to MP3 or lossy format for circulation.
save what highs there are left in here
(and in life, if possible).