Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitar
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums
Orange Bowl (possibly Miami Baseball stadium?)
Miami, Fla. U.S.A.
February 8, 1974
from 2nd gen. audience cassette > CD
runtime: 133:53

disc 1 60:14
1: Siberian Khatru 9:33
2: and you and I 10:20
3: close to the edge 19:13
4: the revealing science of God 20:51

disc 2 74:02
5: the remembering 22:51
6: the ancient 20:42
7: ritual 22:19
8: roundabout 8:02
thanks to luciferburns for sharing this show to post.
I recieved this as being from the Orange Bowl, although it
has circulated as and is listed in etree as being from Miami
Baseball Stadium. It's hard to imagine TFTO being played in
either place, but not impossible. in any case there is just
one show listed as being from Miami, happening on Feb. 8th.
They also played in Gainesville and Tampa Fla. on this tour.
This recording sounds pretty decent for this era, although
the 1st 45 seconds or so are quite rough. it gradually gets better
and by halfway through the first song it starts sounding decent.
I balanced the levels out to fix some adjusts/changes in the
source (or copy) recording. disc 2 begins with Jon introducing
the Remembering. the beginning of RSOG is missing, just a few
seconds and Jon's talk before it. I believe the rest of the show
is here completely. there was a pause in the action after close
to the edge ended to fix a technical problem onstage and a
recorder shutoff (I added a couple of seconds of fadeout to
avoid an abrupt cutoff), followed by having to start the recorder
again for the beginning of the tales part of the show. this does
seem to be the full monty show (they dropped "remembering" from
the set in many of the later shows of the tour). It does seem fitting
to have an ocean nearby for a TFTO show (not near enough to hear
in the recording), and the Atlantic is very near this one.
this show is hardly a rare one, apparently, and there are some
brief dropouts in parts of the recording, but it is quite listenable,
recorded from a pretty good spot in the audience and a nice
performance including all 4 tales. I am glad to have this to hear,
and I think some other folks will too so here you go.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Get well soon, Jon Anderson.