Baltimore Civic Center
Baltimore, MD

40th Anniversary Edition

Lineage: unknown recording -> audio CD -> EAC -> TheTooleMan (Sound Forge) -> FLAC

Here is a rarely-seen recording of Yes on their momentous Tales from Topographic Oceans tour. The recording is very rough and has a few lengthy gaps. It probably should be considered "for completists only." It is historically important, however, because it captured a complete Rick Wakeman solo; these solos were only performed in a couple of early shows from the tour. None of the other tracks in this recording is complete.

This is basically the unaltered transfer I received from a collector who has a number of rare recordings. I have only removed one digital click from the first track and broken up track four of the CD into three separate tracks, since it contained parts of three songs.

1. Firebird Suite (with gap) (3:18)
2. Siberian Khatru (with gap) (9:43)
3. And You And I (9:51)
4. Close to the Edge (7:36)
5. Rick Wakeman solo (5:22)
6. The Revealing Science of God (with gap) (3:31)