Tales From Topographic Oceans tour
Thursday, February 14, 1974
Uniondale, New York
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Lineup :
Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Disc 1:
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
And You And I
Close To The Edge
Album Introduction by Jon Anderson
The Revealing Science Of God (part 1) (tape flip)
The Revealing Science Of God (part 2)

Disc 2:
Comments by Jon Anderson
The Remembering
The Ancient (part 1) (tape flip)
The Ancient (part 2)

Recorded by Tom on a Sony mono cassette recorder with built-in mic
(Yours Is No Disgrace was played as a second encore at this show, but was not recorded by Tom)
Tape transfer by Joey 11/2006
Mastered for CD by TheTooleMan 12/2006

I was excited and honored when Fred contacted me with news that his friend Tom had an uncirculated recording of a Yes concert which was thought to have never been recorded. Would I like to have a shot at mastering it and presenting it to the world? YES!

Fred sent me a copy of the recording that was made on a stand-alone CD recorder. While the audio quality was good, I was disappointed to find that the original tapes have considerable speed irregularities, probably resulting from low batteries.

The original tapes were transferred again by Joey, who created a 24-bit 48 kHz digital version. I applied speed correction, EQ, and dynamics with Sound Forge and Vegas.

Considerable work went into correcting the random speed changes, and I could probably spend the rest of my life correcting every minor speed fluctuation in this recording. While I was able to fix most of the major problems, some wow and flutter remains. Roundabout suffers the most, and was very difficult to correct. I added an effect to the end of the song to characterize the exhausted batteries dying on the final note.

Now for the even more exciting news: Fred also recorded the same show. It will be seeing the light of day soon, after 30 years of storage. I am hopeful it will be of better quality overall, although this recording is quite listenable as it is now.

December 2, 2006