February 15, 1974 (Friday)
Veterans Memorial Coliseum
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

40th anniversary remaster

Jon Anderson - vocals & percussion & stuff
Steve Howe - guitars & vocals
Chris Squire - bass & timpani
Alan White - drums & percussion
Rick Wakeman - keyboards

Lineage: unknown recording gear -> unknown generation tape -> audio CD's -> EAC -> Sound Forge -> FLAC

I have had the CD's of this show for over a decade, but never spent much time with it due to the truncated "Ritual" and missing "Roundabout." But the recording is good overall, and with a little pitch correction and equalization this dusty jewel shines.

JB torrented a different transfer of this show. Here is some of what he said about it:

"One of the overlooked gems of the tour, likely because it was recorded with less-than-stellar equipment on a single 120min cassette. (For those going back that far this means Low Bias)
There are some rough spots near the leader as the tape flips in RSOG and the whole thing cuts off shortly into Ritual, but everything else is there and clear enough for the tales aficionado to enjoy. Certainly the performance of the Remembering tonight will indeed make it worth your time."

I compared JB's 2008 torrented FLAC files with my audio CD's and decided to use the audio CD's for this edition. They may be from a lower generation tape, but I'm pretty sure they are not from the same line as his.

February, 2014

For more information about the show, including memories posted by those who attended it, see

Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
And You And I
Close to the Edge
The Revealing Science of God
The Remembering
The Ancient
Ritual (incomplete)