Boston Garden
Boston, MA

"The Boston Tea-FTO Party" (get it? TFTO? clever, aren't I!)

Source: much-better alternate audience recording which surfaced in late 2003 -> Matt Putzel -> G. Pisano -> TheTooleMan -> Sound Forge and other of TheTooleMan's Toys -> Audio CD -> EAC -> FLAC

If you have JUST ONE recording of Yes in Boston on 1974-02-26, THIS AIN'T IT. You know the lyrics in "The Remembering" which say, "Alternate hue, alternate hue..." Well, this is ALTERNATE TAPE!!!

Matt Putzel unearthed this one from whomever had it buried in their treasure chest over the years. This recording has more substance than the more widely-circulated but thin-sounding version you already have.

The concert is one of the best performances of the Tales shows, and this is one of the best-sounding of all the live Tales tapes. Yes was in full swing with the Tales tracks, the concerts were going sort of like clockwork, Wakeman was drinking himself blind, the audience was yelling for Roundabout after the first song... what more can you ask for?

The band stopped playing "The Remembering" at the end of February, caving in to demands for more familiar material, so this is one of the last live performances of that track. It's also one of the best, with fewer Wakeman fuck-ups. Too bad they dropped it, since it's my favorite of the "Tales."

Mr. Putzel had patched the gaps in this recording using the more widely-circulated version. I asked for a copy of the unpatched master, but he could not provide one. (I would still like a copy of the unaltered master. I think George P. ultimately sent me a copy of Matt's remaster.) I decided I could improve the way the gaps were patched, at least to my taste, by matching the pitch and EQ of the two sources more closely. So what you have here is my remaster built upon Matt's.

This is my Thanksgiving present to all of you. It's been a shitty year for me in a lot of ways, but I am still thankful for a number of things, including the friends I have made at Dimeadozen.

Art is provided, including some big-assed TIFF files for you hi-def freaks.

"And I do think very well."

November, 2007

The Yes Tales lineup was (of course):
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

Disk 1:
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
And You And I
Close to the Edge
Prologue to Tales
The Revealing Science of God

Disk 2:
The Remembering
The Ancient

(Whatever happened to Forgotten Yesterdays? I had to write down the set list by hand! We may need to take up a collection to pay the ISP and re-register the domain name.)