Cook Convention Center
Memphis, TN
March 10, 1974

CD 1
1. opening music
2. Firebird Suite
3. Siberian Khatru
4. And You and I
5. Close To The Edge

CD 2
1. The Revealing Science Of God
2. The Ancient

CD 3
1. Ritual
2. Roundabout
3. closing music
4. backstage w/Eddy Offord, Rick Wakeman

Lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White

This is from the master tapes, converted to CD and 'remastered' (I use the term loosely). Its not a perfect show, but does include 20 minutes of pre-show Yes ambient sounds and announcements, the complete show, the post-show music, and the back-stage meeting with Rick and Eddy Offord (approx 160 minutes). If you listen real hard at the tail end you can hear Chris explain to someone what Khatru means. Forgotten Yesterdays website lists Starship Trooper as part of the encore, but that is not true. It was not played at this show.

Keep in mind its a 30-year old show and is not perfect, but its a good B show. There is some slight distortion here and there as well as the band was quite loud. I did not attend/tape this show, but my friend did who does not trade. In fact most of the Memphis Yes shows floating about are his recordings (eg. Memphis 75 & 77).

During the first part of the show the fire marshall had kept the lights on. You will get this as you listen to the show. The crowd is a little boisterous because of it. Also, the Cook Convention center is like an old airplane hangar. Jon Anderson has some comments about it as well.