Hallenstadion Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: guitars, vocals
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Alan White: drums

Notes: Decent audience recording from the 2nd to last Tales from Topographic
Oceans tour performance.

Disc 1 (1:02:39)
01 Firebird Suite
02 Siberian Khatru
03 And You and I
04 Close To The Edge
05 The Revealing Science of God (fades out)

Disc 2 (1:01:07)
01 The Ancient
02 Ritual
03 Roundabout
04 Starship Trooper

Disc 1\01 Track01.flac:17c7694063aa7247c970d15d9d6023d6
Disc 1\02 Track02.flac:a59c1ff92eea4dfb6bad1b7c9a1f7825
Disc 1\03 Track03.flac:2dcd9846d206a3603729681fc15da68d
Disc 1\04 Track04.flac:fab46515ae4a125287e64d30f20b26c1
Disc 1\05 Track05.flac:6edc425e90f3d70409edb55d0268f259
Disc 2\01 Track01.flac:99321c6db9d24fca6756b396eb32048c
Disc 2\02 Track02.flac:0a8716bc89f50ee20d9fce479936affe
Disc 2\03 Track03.flac:67b1ff54153f284754399d1ccd181245
Disc 2\04 Track04.flac:889b72ce17b26886a1aface29230d3e9

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