Jai Alai Fronton (or The Sportatorium)
Miami, FL

TheTooleMan edition, 2008

This recording is most notable for being the only capture of Yes playing "Siberian Khatru" on the 1974 Relayer tour. It's Patrick Moraz's first outing with the song, as far as I know, and he doesn't fuck it up too badly.

This torrent is a combination of two copies of the show from my collection. One is Highland's "Full of Nightmarish." The other copy is a set of SHN files of just the five tracks on disk one. The SHN files sound better than the two-disk audio set, which is recorded too loud and has a very dull sounding right channel.

Sound quality is definitely in the "OK" category, with a lot muddy bass. Most of the chatter by Jon was cut either during the taping or in the process of copying it for trading. I don't think any of the music is cut, though.

I didn't do any EQ work on the sound, but leveled out the volume between the left and right tracks and between the two sources so you can listen to the whole thing without destroying your speakers. So it's not what I'd call a "remaster," just a "tweaking."

Cha cha cha!

July, 2008

Yes (at the time):
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Patrick Moraz


Disk 1
- Sound Chaser (no Firebird)
- Close to the Edge
- To Be Over
- The Gates of Delirium
- And You And I

Disk 2
- Ritual
- Roundabout
- Siberian Khatru