The King Biscuit Flower Hour - Yes
"The Gates of the Stellar Attraction at Boston Gardens on the King Biscuit Flower Hour"
Boston Gardens
Boston, MA

Remastered by Shaun Toole, June 2003

Recordings of Yes at Boston Gardens broadcast on the King Biscuit
Flower Hour (KBFH) have been released as a commercial bootleg and in
various formats. This recording appears to have originated from a
pre-FM copy intended for broadcast in 1975. I am basing that belief on
the announcer's mention of "SQ Matrix Quadraphonic Sound." This is the
cleanest copy of these recordings that I have ever found. Remastering
was done with Sound Forge and other PC-based editing software. Tracks
have been re-ordered from the original version to follow the set list
of the original concert. "Ritual" has never been included in the KBFH
recordings. It may be lying in a vault somewhere, waiting to see the
light of day. Let's hope that day comes soon. soon!


1. KBFH Intro
2. Firebird Suite
3. Sound Chaser
4. Close to the Edge
5. To Be Over
6. Station Break

1. The Gates of Delirium
2. And You And I
3. Roundabout
4. KBFH Outro

Yes line-up:

Jon Anderson (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Chris Squire (bass)
Steve Howe (guitars)
Alan White (drums)
Patrick Moraz (keyboards)

Yes-1974-12-11-D1T01 KBFH Intro.flac:84e16670629f06fc0ea85c78923ceb7a
Yes-1974-12-11-D1T02 Firebird Suite.flac:bb56bf64ff6a563f910eb93c68efd58c
Yes-1974-12-11-D1T03 Sound Chaser.flac:f12610b5cf5381cf8e0fef1e40386c3c
Yes-1974-12-11-D1T04 Close to the Edge.flac:43063a7f532e56297fe8506643161ab3
Yes-1974-12-11-D1T05 To Be Over.flac:ad67f53bcb308bec95b50a9e634e5e66
Yes-1974-12-11-D1T06 KBFH Station Break.flac:a98442433daef2dc26ba234293b2b8f3
Yes-1974-12-11-D2T01 The Gates of Delirium.flac:899e8801e7ce70caf1d312dca63fa58e
Yes-1974-12-11-D2T02 And You And I.flac:5bf6c4b69f5ac770cc9b2ebf19e09315
Yes-1974-12-11-D2T03 Roundabout.flac:f2eae7b42f5dd1b41a31de6da15d26c6
Yes-1974-12-11-D2T04 KBFH Outro.flac:e5c5f85f402d204d8367c6684f72a03d