December 14, 1974
Philadelphia Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Jon Anderson ~ voice, harp, guitar & percussion
Steve Howe ~ guitars, some voice
Patrick Moraz ~ keyboards
Chris Squire ~ voice, bass
Alan White ~ drums & percussion

Sound Chaser
Close To The Edge
To Be Over
Gates Of Delirium
And You And I

This is a flawed tape that I've never been able to upgrade.

This is the 28th Relayer Tour performance.
Sounds like it was taped out in the cold, and there isn't too much intrusive audience, save for one or two nearby clappers.

The sound is not bad for a Stereo Audience Cassette recording, but the trouble here is the volume fluctuates throughout.
Whether it is the Quad system used, the deck malfunctioning, the tape folding, psychedelics, or some other problem, EVERYone I've ever found with this tape says it has the same problems. You can still listen to it, but it sure is annoying after a while.

I did ONCE try to repair all the volume changes, but I think I scrapped it and gave up before the end.

The tape flip in CTTE is just the taper adjusting the input and turning it all the way down to zero and back up again, so not much goes missing there. The next tape flip is before Gates and cuts off some of the intro. The beginning of AYAI is very loud, be careful! The final tape flip cuts Ritual in half.

Here's hoping you can find a better tape, or at least can enjoy this one!


currently only available here:

Audience Recording
2000 Transfer Details...
Low Gen Cassette > Unknown Model Cassette Deck > Phillips Standalone CDR Recorder > xACT (secure extraction) > Sound Studio (track split, amplify 300%) > xACT (fix SBE, flac level 5)
Total Time 115:50

Disc One 42:56

01 Firebird Suite Excerpt 02:38
02 Sound Chaser 10:19
03 Close To The Edge (part 1) 07:17
04 Close To The Edge (part 2) 13:15
05 To Be Over 09:27

Disc Two 72:51

06 Gates Of Delirium 24:01
07 And You And I 09:58
08 Ritual (part 1) 11:14
09 Ritual (part 2) 16:00
10 encore applause 02:09
11 Roundabout 09:28