Yes_The Nightbird collection '74-'77_E.C

New York
July 1974-September 1977

01 interview: rick wakeman 28.7.74
02 interview: steve howe 1976
03 interview: chris squire 11.7.76
04 interview: alan white 12.9.76
05 interview: jon anderson 10.10.76
06 interview: rick wakeman 29.5.77
07 interview: steve & rick 18.9.77
08 interview: steve & rick 25.9.77

very good quality.

A series of interviews with all members of the 'Classic Line-Up' around
the time of 'Relayer'/'Going for the one'.

Enjoy Jon's Interview in particular, as he sounds more 'out there' than
the rest of the group (what's new).

So, not to everyone's taste (interview recordings), but it's something
I enjoy, especially when listened to in hindsight.

The Nightbird in question, is late night disc jockey Alison Steele who
was a major fan (& subsequent friend) of the band, whose show 'Nightbird
& Company' aired in the states during the late sixties/early seventies.
Sadly, she died of cancer in 1995.

Not sure where I got this bootleg from, but I do remember cleaning it
up a bit/cut out the adverts a few years ago, which did take a little
time, but it was worth it.

Artwork included.

I checked the yahoo group list & saw that this had been uploaded a few
years ago, so thought i'd place it back on the forum for those who weren't
around to bag it back then.

As with most of my bootlegs, i acquired them from loads of different places
such as blogs, bootleg sites & from purchasing them in shady markets (before
i had use of the internet & knew anything about torrents & file sharing) & i
really can't tell where every individual recording came from.

so in advance: a thousand apologies to any of the tapers or individuals who
originally placed these recordings up for all of us to lavish our love upon.

thank you very much for sharing, i only mean to do the same & take no credit
for these bootlegs being born into our collective lap.

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164eb10aa562e54c3c103ee4325afddd *07 - interview steve & rick 18.9.77.flac
a62d1120b8a64661a3dc53c7e26dc1f1 *08 - interview steve & rick 25.9.77.flac