Over the years a friend of mine recorded a lot of Yes shows. While not a trader, he offered his tapes to me to put to CD and now I present them to you. This is a nice show featuring the lineup with the then new keyboardist Patrick Moraz.

Midsouth Coliseum
Memphis, TN
July 6, 1975

Lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Patrick Moraz, Alan White

CD 1
1. Firebird Suite
2. Soundchaser
3. Close to the Edge
4. To Be Over
5. Gates of Delirium

CD 2
1. Your Move
2. Mood For A Day
3. Long Distance Runaround
4. Moraz solo
5. Clap
6. Ritual
7. Roundabout
8. Don't Be Cruel (Yes's tribute to Elvis)
9. Sweet Dreams

The sound quality is very good for most of the show, but the performance is outstanding. The taper moves around during the first half of the first song, hence the sound is not that clear. You'll pick up on the tape swaps, but nothing is really lost. Also, I have overlapped CD1 and CD2 a bit so as to not lose anything there as well.



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