Jon Anderson- vocals
Patrick Moraz- keyboards
Steve Howe- guitar
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums
The Forum
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 18, 1975
audience recording (B to B+)
runtime: 136:26
disc 1: 64:49
1: sound chaser 11:53
2: close to the edge 20:27
3: to be over 9:56
4: the gates of delirium 22:32

disc 2 71:37
5: your move > mood for a day 5:19
6: long distance runaround > piano solo (theme from "I") 4:07
7: keyboard solo (grand canyon suite) 4:04
8: the clap 3:31
9: and you and I 9:39
10: ritual 28:38
11: roundabout 8:05 (slight cut in)
12: sweet dreams 8:09

a decent hockey arena audience recording from the Relayer tour.
This was a fine show, especially the Relayer songs and the full Ritual.
Sweet Dreams was nice to hear too, I didn't think it was the best version
of it, but there aren't many of that with Moraz. probably recorded on a
Sony 152 (mikes unknown), I'd guess 2nd gen. cassette source for this,
it's better than a "wish you were there" production, but not a
"you are there" production. A fair amount of crowd in here, but
it's not overwhelming. the audience was considerately enthusiastic,
not alot of screamer types, recorded rather far from the stage,
and this seems to be a full show. They didn't play "sweet dreams"
alot with Moraz, but this is not the London 75 concert, which
has an officially released version of that track. this all comes
from one audience source of one concert and there is some talk in
French in part of this show (many Canadians speak it as their main
language, including in Montreal), both from the band and the crowd,
which there isn't in London show. (that was a BBC FM broadcast)
this is also a distinctly different performance than London concert
which anyone who has heard both (as I have) would quickly notice.
I was hoping to post the London 75 show until I found out there's a
released track in it (at least Sweet Dreams, there may be others too),
so I decided to pass that one by completely until I could find out more
definitively if any more of that show is available officially.
I could not find any indication that any of this show is officially
available in any form. This may very well not be the best source
recording of this concert out there (it's a big world), but it's a nice
concert I haven't seen posted yet so here it is.
Do not sell this recording.
(that will make yes say no.)
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.