Here is a 3-part interview with Steve Howe and Chris Squire. These were recorded in November of 1975 and broadcast on WMMR in March of 1976. Ed Sciaky conducts the interviews. Steve's segment, in particular, is quite interesting. I think the last segment is incomplete, but can't really tell. All officially released music tracks have been removed as usual. One interesting note is that during Steve's segment Ed Sciaky pulls out an earlier interview segment with Jon Anderson and Steve performing parts of what they called, at the time, 'High Vibrations'. Of course it is Awaken, but its interesting to hear the very early stages on the song from 1975.

CD set (approx. 1 hour)

1. Steve Howe (38 mins)
2. Chris Squire (17 mins)
3. Steve & Chris (5 mins)

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