Yes Radio Interviews
various locations - see track listing

01 Jon Anderson & Pat Moraz 1975-05-08 BBC Radio, London, England 26:45
02 Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman BBC Radio, London, England* 5:25
03 Chris Squire WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 1976 (with Ed Sciaky) 17:02
04 Rick Wakeman WNEW-FM April 1974 'British Rock Hour' (with Scott Muni) 10:58

*The date on the cassette is listed as 1975, although this seems unlikely, given that Rick was out of the band at this point.
Officially released material removed.

raygun888 sent me his cassette collection of Yes related music & interviews.
This is the fifth installment to be shared here on Dime.

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May 2014