Recorded in Roanoke, VA, May 28, 1976. First concert of the "solos" tour, and the setlist included a lot of material from the 5 solo albums. It changed a lot as the tour progressed, too.

Disc One:
1) Apocalypse  
2) Siberian Khatru  
3) I've Seen All Good People
4) Ram (fades in)  
5) Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side
6) Roundabout 
7) Break Away From It All  
8) Beginnings  
9) One Way Rag  
10)White Solo  
11)(segues into) Song Of Innocence  
12)Cachaca (Baiao)  
13)(segues into) Soundchaser  

Disc Two:
1) Harp Solo  
2) Heart Of The Sunrise 
3) Sweet Dreams  

Bonus tracks:
4) The Gates of Delirium, recorded in Nashville, TN June 1, 1976. Solid performance and a great recording - a really good audience tape. The Nashville tape is incomplete, and sort of an orphan. Since the Roanoke show did not include Gates, I added it (per JB's suggestion, and he supplied the tapes.)

5) The Remembering, recorded in rehearsal at Millersville, PA, sometime in May 1976. Seems they hadn't forgotten this Tale after all. Forgotten... Remembering... get it? Never mind.

All tracks feature Patrick Moraz on keyboards and have benefited from liberal doses of noise reduction and equalization.