Mecca Arena
Milwaukee, WI

Source: very low generation cassette -> Sound Forge -> SHN
Master by: TheTooleMan 3/2003 and 8/2004
Art by: ???

This recording has been seen in various quality, but none so clean as the source I used for this master. Sound quality is excellent. There are a couple of cuts which I cross-faded over or spliced out to make them undetectable, or at least smooth and not distracting. Actually, I can't find them anymore! :)

Yes are:
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Patrick Moraz

Tracks, CD 1:
1 Apocalypse
2 Siberian Khatru
3 Sound Chaser
4 All Good People
5 The Gates of Delirium

Tracks, CD 2:
1 Long Distance Runaround
2 Patrick Moraz
3 Steve Howe
4 Jon Anderson
5 Heart of the Sunrise
6 Ritual
7 Roundabout