Cobo Arena Detroit
Unreleased tracks

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Patrick Moraz
Alan White


01. I've Seen All Good People 7:27
02. Long Distance Runaround 2:25
03. Moraz Solo 4:58
04. On Wings Of Gold - The Clap 5:51
05. Harp Solo 4:33
06. Heart of the Sunrise 13:43
07. Roundabout 8:35

R.I.P. Jared

Recording Gear: Advent dynamic microphones > Sony TC-153SD cassette recorder

JEMS Transfer: master cassettes > Nakamichi 670ZX (azimuth adjusted) > Wavelab 24/96 .wav capture > R8Brain resample (16/44) > Audacity (Normalize/split) > TLH FLAC8

While we remain deeply saddened by Jared's passing, JEMS' mission of sharing our recordings continues just as he would have wanted.

Jared transferred his own master tapes of this '76 show sometime in the last 12-18 months. The files were on one of several hard drives he gave to me a couple weeks before his passing. His fine recording of this show has been well circulated for decades, but this torrent marks the first ever direct transfer of the master tapes and should be an upgrade to any circulating versions. Samples provided.

To continue dissemination of the JEMS Archive requires friends and we're grateful to Zombiwoof for his help providing post-production support for this release.