Going for the One Tour
Wheeling Civic Center
Wheeling, WV

Audience recording, remastered 9/2007 by TheTooleMan

Lineage: tape (unknown gear, unknown generation) -> Highland release ?Listen in Time? (Highland HL114/15#Y21) -> EAC -> FLAC -> Sound Forge (remaster) -> FLAC

The performance is most noteworthy as the second live show by this Yes line-up since 1974, and the second of three small town run-throughs before taking it to the ?big time? in Philadelphia and New York City.

This is not a very good recording to begin with, but it has been improved some by balancing the levels of the left and right channels, repairing clipping, and cutting a hum from the bottom end of the audio. The pitch was also a little high, and has been corrected.

Check out the odd placement of a few tracks ? ?And You And I? comes before the two quiet pieces from GFTO, rather than afterward; the title song of the new album is played next-to-last during the encore, and Steve Howe?s solo spot is placed mid-set.

There are also some interesting entries from people who attended this show at Apparently Wakeman nearly fell flat on his face during his big part in ?Close to the Edge.?

September, 2007

Jon Anderson?(Vocals)
Steve Howe?(Guitars)
Chris Squire?(Bass)
Rick Wakeman?(Keyboards)
Alan White?(Drums)

Disk 1:
Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Close To The Edge
Wond?rous Stories
And You And I
Colours Of The Rainbow
Turn Of The Century

Disk 2:
Flight Jam
Starship Trooper
Going For The One

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